Nike CR Mercurial Vapor Safari

If you are a football traditionalist,I belive you keep an eye on the nike mercurial vapor safari presented by CR. In my experience,I was stucked to the traditional black boots and in the past several years,I am used to the black colorway and give up wearing some soccer cleats made in white colourway. Though I know there are tons of nike mercurial series have been launching with different colourways. It is lucky that when nike sent me the new nike mercurial nike mercurial edition of CR Mercurial Vapor boots. In my first eyes,I refuse to wear it because it is cream of crop and a set of boots made from teijin materials and tech previously unavailable to the amateur player. Though in the night before,I watch the youtube’s advertisement on the nike mercurial CR and some players say it is the exact football boot they are looking for. Come back to the 2010 South Africa Champion, this nike mercurial boot gains great populartity’s heart. However, this nike mercurial is really a crazy boot for me.I have nerver wore such a crazy boot honestly speaking. Pretty enough,when I wear this crazy boot with the spotlight on your boot.I suddenly find the motivation that I hope to be the sexy italian fellow in the world cup match but not like the fat old man walking on the grass. It is nike’s great job,I should know this.But on the grass,I only think that I wear this crazy boot and have to win the match. For the CR Safari, it is expensive but it can make you enjoy the feeling being a sexy portugese in the italian sports car. After that match,I immediately understand the nike’s great technology as well nike’s great sale skill also. The Safari print represents a nike mercurial boot. It is not because of who present the nike football boot but all boots show nike’s spirit. Cristiano Ronaldo is known for the nike mercurial vapor present but if other players who wear this “nike mercurial”, they will also be satisfied enough to present this nike mercurial. I still remember the sence the advertisement of the CR representing this nike mercurial: he wants to draw jeers and finger pointing, to draw doubts and bone-crumching tackles. His behaviour and spirit all make this nike mercurial spirit and attract football fans.It is rather than a boot for the average footballer. Game will continue but this nike mercurial would be no next new edition. So,today, I am pleased to share this nike mercurial’s reviews here and wish its great success on the market.

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